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HDG Duncan Falconer

Duncan Falconer

Joined the Royal Marines at aged 19, he was then selected to take part in a trial and was sent on SBS (special boat services) selection in Poole Dorset. He was only one of nine Marines (out of a class of 147 other men) to successfully complete the challenging SBS course, His mastery of the course and military knowledge impressed his superiors. Even though the military required most candidates are to serve time as a Commando before applying to the Special Boat Services, Falconer was chosen as an exception to this requirement. To broaden his career, his superiors posted him as to 42 Commando.


Because of an aptitude for SBS operations, Falconer chose to serve most of his time in the military with the Special Boat Services. During his military service, Falconer also served with the SAS (the Special Air Services) in Northern Ireland for one year. He then served with the 14 Intelligence Detachment in Northern Ireland for two and a half year. After his service with the 14 Intelligence Detachment, Falconer took some time off from the military for a year. Then Falconer returned to his first post of service with the SBS, where he served with MAT (Maritime Anti-Terrorism) operations. He spent most of his time with MAT engaging in multiple exercises that involved the capturing of tankers and oil rigs.

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