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"Classic Range"

HDG - WW2 Commando

"In order for us to move forward we must first look at the past"


As a tribute to those bygone Artisans and Commandos who crafted and used these dagger's inspired by the legendary Fairbairn and Sykes, I decided that HDG's "Classic Range" would be constructed and finished to the same exacting standards where possible. 

Having an in-depth knowledge of WW2 daggers and there subsequent pattern's and variations I began my research by critically analysing each type in detail.


From this initial analysis the best and worst elements from each pattern and variation was identified. These elements where then refined to the optimum based on what we know now to produce the ultimate dagger's in each Pattern.


All HDG "Classic Range" dagger's are coated using WW2 style formulas and methods, as a result these parts will wear and patina exactly like a WW2 dagger's as they are made and finished in the same exacting way.


HDG "Classic Range" 3rd Pattern.



H-D-G 3rd Pattern

For example:


All HDG (Black) grips have been copper coated and blackened as per WW2 methods.

All HDG (Nickel) grips and parts have been plated as per WW2 methods. 

HDG can proudly state that our daggers are the ONLY daggers in the market today that are made this way making them not only unique but very desirable indeed.


1st Pattern 3" & 1st Pattern 2"

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