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HDG has recently been commissioned to produce a limited batch of commemorative daggers entitled “ARNHEM 44" by Mr Darren Kaye  (Arnhem boy's)

The (HDG) 3rd Pattern dagger was the natural choice for this commemorative batch due to the historical timeline in which the battle was fought as 3rd Patterns were in circulation during this late war period.

Arnhem 44

This limited-edition batch was produced in the "Classic style" meaning that the brass grips where copper coated and blackened as per WW2 specification, these grips will age and patina over time.


This limited-edition batch consist of 44 custom made daggers each one is individually serialised 01 - 44 on the parallel guards.

The blades have been etched with the British Airborne Brigades iconic symbol "Pegasus" and the following text.

"Operation Market Garden 17th - 25th September 1944"


Proceeds from the sale of these daggers will be donated to: "Market Garden Foundation" Charity number 09143670. 

HDG would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Mr Darren Kaye (Arnhem Boys) for ordering this commemorative batch and all the unseen work he and others do behind the scenes ensuring the memory of all participants of "Operation Market Garden" are remembered always

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