Jacky Young

Another masterpiece form HDG, this time it's the Arnhem 44, 3rd pattern. An honour to own such an item. Thanks to both John And Darren for bringing this to fruition.

Zac Chappell

I received my limited edition Conflict Collection knife this morning. Over the moon, what an outstanding piece of craftsmanship. The hard bit now is deciding which one to get next.

Colin Kelley

Absolute quality daggers blown away with the quality total recommend and will be buying again

Aleck Errington

I bought a 2nd pattern dagger from Hamilton Daggers Glasgow & then after receiving it I went & made a further 2 separate purchases of a 1st pattern & a Beaded/Ribbed dagger from HDG & what can I say that will add to the fact that I have returned to purchase 2 more & have my name down for the release of the Australian version..... absolutely fantastic build/finish (all hand made & fitted👍) & service..... over the moon with all 3 blades/scabbards & can't wait for the next one ..... many thanks to John Hamilton for his vision on creating these hand crafted (hand ground blades as they were in WW2) knives to such an amazing standard

Michael Bloomfield

Beaded and ribbed no26
Just received my first H D G Dagger and I'm extremely happy with it, Beautiful design and great craftsmanship with friendly service from John and fast delivery too. Can't recommend them highly enough

Jacky Young

The man John Hamilton does it again with this stunning B&R, latest addition to my collection from HDG. Thank You very much. These knives are on a different level to anything else out there. Well Done

Frank Ridgway

I have just took delivery of my All Black Six Beaded and Ribbed Dagger from this exceptional company, as with my previous 2 pieces, it is a piece of absolute quality and craftsmanship, the feel, balance and attention to every detail is second to none.
Hamilton Daggers Glasgow are a total delight to use and the communication from them is quick, polite and very precise..........................
Well done H-D-G you are outstanding.

Geoff Graham

I have just received my B&R Dagger today. I would like to state that it's definitely an item of some quality. It's exceeded my expectation, in terms of weight, handling & presence; it's packaged along with provenance, a personalised card from John; all in all, a great procurement experience. For those of you who missed this batch, it's a definite loss; I for one will monitor closely to what H.DG produces. The quality speaks for itself. Well done John,

Martin Lowe

My Beaded and Ribbed FS just arrived and the quality is stunning. It will sit well with my 80 year old original. These are by far the finest possible daggers.

Rob Centa

I have a few FS Daggers in my collection from WW2 up until until present, I’m now lucky enough to have two HDG daggers as are they on another level! Far superior to any other modern type I have. Beautifully finished off, the balance of them is unreal, can’t put the them down, need another!

John McLachlan

Just received my all black 2nd Pattern fighting knife. I'm impressed! The thing is a beauty!!! The knife's quality and the attention to detail are world class. This is by far the best commando knife I own.
Great communications with John Hamilton, he's been a pleasure to deal with. Can't wait to order my next Hamilton Dagger.

Liam Sellick

My grandad being in the commandos hearing his stories and now owning his pattern 1 knife sparked my interest in the history and the knife they made famous. I have purchased many other commando knives from different vendors. The pattern 2 I have just received from HDG is the best piece I have in my collection it’s just like the original the personal communication throughout has been the best customer service you could ever ask for I will be ordering more models soon

Chuck Briggs

HDG 1st Pattern dagger review. This is my second HDG dagger that has been sent over to the American Colonies where they have earned a well deserved place in my lifelong collection.
Damn, it’s nice. I compaired it to an original 1st Pattern by putting one in each of my hands, closed my eyes, then switched hands multiple times and couldn’t tell the difference. After looking closer and seeing the HDG dagger had a more refined and uniform knurled grip, only then was I able to tell the difference between them with my eyes closed through the sense of touch. Well done, John, you’ve created another true masterpiece.

Julian wilkins

Superb craftsmanship second to none.

Martin Lowe

Having recently received my HDG First Pattern and been a long time collector of Fairbairn Sykes knives I have to say the HDG is far ahead of all others in terms of quality. The attention to detail is stunning these are not copies of the originals these are far superior. I look forward to my Beaded and Ribbed arriving. Thank you John Hamilton and your team.

Jason Morphett

I received a 1st pattern dagger yesterday. It came extremely well packaged with its certificate of authenticity and care guide. As an ex British Army Commando I can vouch for the craftsmanship and quality of the dagger. In the hand it exudes quality and feels like you're holding a piece of history. Don't settle for anything less. HDG are the best and John is first rate bloke. Thanks.

Jacky Young

Hi John, received my second dagger today from HDG the “1st Pattern” I hope you are very proud with what you have achieved with this piece as I for one am very very proud to own it, It is absolutely stunning. Thank You.

Frank Ridgway

I have just received my 1st Pattern dagger and like my previous 2nd pattern from Hamilton Daggers, what a superb piece it is. The craftsmanship once again is absolutely first class. I'm absolutely over the moon with it, the packaging and presentation is as always second to none and every detail shows care and professionalism. Hamilton Daggers are a pleasure to deal with and always give brilliant communication throughout. I definitely recommend John and his company and I will certainly be ordering more from the range.

Jay Nobby

Recieved my HDG 1st pattern commando dagger. Exceptional quality the attention to detail on this 1st pattern is second to none. Thanks John for another seamless delivery and great comms as always.

Jacky Young

Received my first FS knife from John @ HDG it’s a 2nd pattern dagger, work of art, superb love it. Please let me know when the other patterns become available.
Many Thanks
Jacky Young

Ivan j Evans

I opened the box expertly packed and I saw a item of beauty I own more than a few original wartime third pattern and this example far exceeds any of them

John Daley

A beautifully crafted piece that is well balanced. I have the Mk2 in black and as soon as we are able it will be joining other "outstanding pieces" in my display

Dean Hawkins

Received my Patt 2 today, a truly stunning piece of art and workmanship, made by experts in their trade for the true collector. Highly recommended

Rob Matthews

Stunning craftsmanship, first class materials and beautifully finished. H-D-G have supplied me with a timeless piece that will take pride of place amongst my operational medals awarded during my time as an Army Commando. From placing the order to receiving the Dagger, John kept me updated on developments; exceptional achievement to get this Dagger supplied given the challenges of C19. Thank you HDG. 🗡

Andy Merry

Just received my all black 2nd Pattern fighting knife and I couldn’t be more impressed. From the packaging, the surprise T-shirt to the care instructions, it’s a lesson in how to present a product. The knife oozes quality and the attention to detail is world class. John has been a pleasure to speak to and has been fantastic at keeping me informed at all stages. I can’t recommend John, his company or his products enough. I might even go for a first pattern next!!

James Harris

I ordered a 2nd pattern all black dagger from HDG and I was very impressed from ordering right through to delivery. John is a pleasure to do business with and is very knowledgeable. The dagger itself is an absolute work of art, the attention to detail is second to none. Highly recommended.

Steve Burnaby

Received my 2nd Pattern and really pleased with the quality of workmanship and attention to detail with the packaging, cleaning instructions and t-shirt. The dagger feels great in the hand with great balance. The leather sheath is quality too and I’m looking forward to getting the 1st Pattern and the R&B.

Chuck Briggs

First let me say that I own several original 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Pattern Fairbairn Sykes commando daggers, in addition to variants, and a few post war FS daggers from reputable makers. I’m very particular. I received my first all black 2nd Pattern classic range, and have a standing order for others. It has that small sword feel of an original 1st Pattern. It’s everything I love about the feel of an FS in my hand, but just a little better. I think it’s the weight and balance. I’m truly impressed with the fully functional craftsmanship.

Jesse V. Johnson

I ordered the 1st and 2nd Pattern daggers, I ordered them because I was aware of the work, care and attention to detail that Mr. Hamilton was putting into the task of recreating these historical weapons.
I own several original 1st and 2nd pattern FS daggers, and I can say the Hamilton knives are works of art, and when held in the hand and examined it is abundantly obvious that hard work and hours of research that has gone into their production.
The quality is as good as, or exceeds, the originals.
The packaging is also excellent, but, it is the knives themselves that must be seen and held to be appreciated.
Highly recommended.

Mr c smith

This dagger is a work of ART! Not like a lot of copies out there I will highly recommend John in all respects customer service the lot .one very very happy customer

Ruben van Ratingen

Received my HDG 2nd Pattern today, it came very well packed and wrapped in green (off course) soft paper with small details like maintenance info and a thank you note in the box showing the love for the product. The FS setting itself apart from others with details like a slightly longer and very nicely tapered towards the (very pointy) tip hand-grounded blade giving it great feel/handling in the hand with the finely knurled brass grip/hilt. For sure the Gentlemen Fairbairn&Sykes would have been very proud.

David Hogg

A great, original piece, fantastic craftsmanship all round, great care has been put into this classic range 2nd pattern, extremely well received and well packaged. Great detail has been put into this, good advice also about being custodian for future owners.... Thanks

Gary Robinson

Received a 2nd pattern commando dagger. The craftsmanship is unbelievable. This is a quality knife.

Mark Morgan

The workmanship of the dagger is exceptional and far exceeded my high expectations. John kept me up to date on its progress at all stages. I would highly recommend.

Darren Kaye

I have just received my 2nd Pattern All Black dagger from HDG......wow.

Mike Skinn

John has always been a pleasure to deal with, always excellent communication.
Ordered the 2nd pattern and far exceeded expectations, truly a stunning knife, can't wait for more

Mike Fawson

The second pattern arrived - was it what I expected? It was better than expected, quality from packaging through to the blade itself.

As for customer service - excellent.

John Hamilton is: (a) a quality producer, (b) a nice bloke to deal with - OK he's Scottish - but you can't have everything :), (c) Customer service is excellent.

Frank Ridgway

I have received my 2nd Pattern all black commando dagger and what a superb piece it is. The craftsmanship displayed in this dagger is absolutely first class. I'm so thrilled with it, the packaging and presentation is second to none and every detail of it shows care and professionalism. Hamilton Daggers are a total pleasure to deal with and give brilliant communication throughout. I can definitely recommend John and his company and I will most certainly be ordering more from the range.

Jay Nobby

Ordered a 2nd Pattern all black commando dagger. The quality of this dagger is premier class, I'm so pleased with the quality of this product. The craftsmanship and presentation is superb, John is a pleasure to deal with and brilliant communication throughout. Definately recommend HDG and I will be ordering more from the range.

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