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All H-D-G blades are (AISI 1085) unless otherwise stated. 















Back Ground:

All H-D-G blades are currently made in (Sheffield-England) by a seasoned blade smith with over 40 years of experience, these blades are forged, tempered, hand ground and finished to my exacting specifications in (1085) steel.


(1085) is a lower carbon-based steel, it also is harder than most other types of steel used in blade construction. This is an important point when making slender stiletto blades where the tip has to be strong enough to potentially penetrate equipment and clothing.

(1085 ) steel is also tougher than (1095)steel, (another popular steel used in blade manufacturing) however (1085) has lower edge retention than (1095) steel. As this type of blade was never intended to be used as a cutting or a slashing weapon (although it will do both) I elected to use the harder steel to try and eliminate any possible catastrophic fractures at the tip / point  of the blade.


These catastrophic fractures where a common occurrence in WW2  blades of all variants typically catastrophic breaks normally occur in softer steel with higher carbon content.


1095____0.90 - 1.03

1085____0.80 - 0.93

It is however important to note that (1085) steel is not only harder than (1095) steel but it also has a lower carbon content, it also has a remarkably high edge retention literally just under that of (1095), (1095) steel will simple hold its edge for longer. (1085) steel is commonly used in some exceptionally good knives such as the Ka Bar Heavy Bowie, and the Browning Crowell-Barker Competition come to mind.



H-D-G has therefore elected to use (1085) for all the reasons highlighted above as I believe this will make for a stronger more durable blade with good edge retention.

HDG Blade 1085
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