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David Decker


My life has always revolved around edged weapons. Since childhood I have carried a knife in the woods or fields, working on the farm or in the workshop. As a young man, headed for Vietnam, I looked for a more combat oriented knife. I could not find an F-S before deploying but I did buy small German dagger.  I have trained for over 12 years in Japanese swordsmanship and trained and taught Bowie knife fighting. 

Since those days I have assembled perhaps one of the largest and most diverse collections of Fairbairn Sykes in the USA. My passion for them outpaced my senses of reason and eventually morphed into collecting miniature-Agents daggers and clandestine weapons used by the S.A.S. and S.O.E.  

I must acknowledge my wife’s tremendous contribution by helping pay off the credit card after any of my wild purchases like an original SMP armoury dagger from Shanghai or another First Pattern or X-dagger.  

Thinking I was done collecting I was directed to John’s website "HDG" and after viewing the contents and the quality and diversity of the products on offer my passion has been reignited.


I know there are going to be one or more in my future before I finally retire. Right now I am at over 50 years of collecting F-S and other fighting knives. I hope you will come check out my website". 

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