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"Tactical Range"


 H-D-G "CETO" ( All Black ) is now available for pre-order in two variations


 2nd Pattern or Roped & Ribbed


Anyone wishing to place a "Order" please Email us via the contact us page or use the tab below.

Price £ 395 

Shipping £10 UK

Shipping £ 35 USA

Shipping £ 30 Europe


The HDG "CETO" is the Flagship dagger in our new "Tactical Range".

These daggers have been developed and vigorously field tested with the end user in mind they are unique in every way.

The "CETO" also features a unique luminous dot feature at the end of the pommel, this enables you to locate the dagger on your belt kit in ZERO darkness. The luminous dot can only be seen by the user and is not visible from the front or sides. It can also be used for any number of other applications if required "MG" markers etc.

Cerakote Ceramic specifications.

Highest Performing Thin Film Ceramic Coatings on the Market

Unmatched Abrasion, Corrosion and Chemical Resistance

Coefficient of Friction, Rivalling Teflon®

Perfect for Tight Tolerance Applications and Typically Eliminates the need for Masking.

Common Uses: Automotive, Firearms, Aerospace, Knives, Eye Wear, Consumer Electronics, Wearables, Industrial Valves, Oil & Gas, Salt Water Applications 

 2nd Pattern "CETO"

HDG _CETO_ 2nd Pattern

 Roped & Ribbed "CETO"

HDG Roped & Ribbed _CETO

luminous light source

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