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Roped & Ribbed - "R&R
"Classic Range"


 H-D-G Roped & Ribbed ( Nickel ) is now available for pre-order only


(Waiting time Minimum 12 weeks)

Anyone wishing to place a "Pre Order" please Email us via the contact us page or use the tab below.

Price £ 375 

Shipping £10 UK

Shipping £ 35 USA

Shipping £ 30 Europe


The HDG "Roped & Ribbed" is new and unique to the "Classic Range".

The "Roped & Ribbed" dagger was last made during latter period of WW2,

and it hasn't  been available since.

As always HDG is the first and only maker in the world to have re-made and improved the design of these unique and fascinating dagger.

"Roped & Ribbed"

HDG R&R Nickel
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