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Roped & Ribbed - "R&R
"Classic Range"


 H-D-G Roped & Ribbed ( All Black ) is now available for pre-order only


(Waiting time Minimum 12 weeks)

Anyone wishing to place a "Pre Order" please Email us via the contact us page or use the tab below.

Price £ 350 

Shipping £10 UK

Shipping £ 35 USA

Shipping £ 30 Europe


The HDG "Roped & Ribbed" is new and unique to the "Classic Range".

The "Roped & Ribbed dagger was last made during latter period of WW2,

and it hasn't  been available since.


As always HDG is the first and only maker in the world to have re-made and improved the design of these unique and fascinating dagger.

"Roped & Ribbed"

HDG R&R 2023
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